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  100g Fresh and tender kelp seedlings (fragrant marinated taste)   60g Fresh and Tender Kelp Seedlings (Spicy Marinated Flavor)
  60g Kelp Knot (Fresh Flavor)   60g Kelp Knot (Spicy Flavor)
  AGAR-AGAR STRIPS   Bean Vermicelli
  Canned Arbutus In Syrup (Canned fruits)   Canned Baby Corn
  Canned Bamboo Shoots   Canned Bamboo Shoots Slices
  Canned Bamboo Shoots Strips   Canned Bamboo Sprouts Whole, Cuts
  Canned Chickpea   canned chilli
  Canned Green pea   Canned Jalapeno
  Canned Loquats in syrups   Canned Lychee In Syrup
  Canned Lychees In Syrup   Canned lychees in syrup (Lychee, litchi)
  Canned mackerel   Canned Mackerel In Tomato Sauce
  Canned Mixed Vegetables   Canned Monkey Head Mushroom
  Canned Mushroom Pieces & Stems   Canned Mushroom Slices
  Canned Mushrooms PNS   Canned Mushrooms whole
  Canned Nameko Mushroom   Canned Pineapple
  Canned Po-Ku (Shiitake) Mushrooms Whole, Strips   Canned red kidney beans in brine
  Canned Sardines in brine, tomato sauce, oil   Canned Sardines In Tomato Sauce
  canned soy beans in tomato sauce   Canned Straw Mushrooms
  Canned Sweet Corn   Canned Sweet Corn kernels
  canned sweet potato cuts in syrup   Canned Tomato
  Canned tuna   Canned Water Chestnuts
  Canned White Asparagus   canned white kidney beans in brine
  canned white kidney beans in tomato sauce   Canned Whole Mushrooms
  Canned yellow peaches   Chili powder
  Duck Eggs Product series   Empty tin can
  FRESH WAXY CORN   Frozen abalone konjac products
  Frozen Fotiaoqiang   IQF bamboo shoots
  IQF black fungus   IQF broccoli
  IQF Cauliflower   IQF Fruits
  IQF MUSHROOMS   IQF Sugar beans
  Kelp Shredded 50g (Spicy Flavor)   Kelp Shredded 72g (Spicy Flavor)
  Mushrooms in Marinade   Preserved Duck Eggs
  Pumpkin Seeds   Pumpkin Seeds Kernels
  RICE VERMICELLI   Scorched Rice
  sunflower seed kernel   Sunflower Seeds
  Vegetarian Fish healthy food   Vegetarian Pork for cooking
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